Work History

Key Achievements
  1. Running a successful marketing agency for more than 2 years on inbound leads only.
  2. Helped companies with little marketing budget get to the top of ProductHunt and generate revenue, while still being in alpha.
  3. Relocated a startup (Quote Roller) from Belarus to San Francisco, growing its revenue by 883% and launching a totally new product (PandaDoc), while still running marketing for the parent company.
  4. Build and ran an international marketing team of 5 in three timezones.
  5. Created and ran a successful blog for a B2B brand, that became #3 channel for customer acquisition with 30K+ visitors per month.
  6. Helped build a game dev company (Heyworks) from scratch, choosing the right strategy and technologies, remotely closing deals with world known brands, such as Scholastic. Growing to a team of 20 in 1.5 years.
  7. Joined one of of the largest IT companies (ITransition) in Belarus at the age of 20. Launched a content project for CIOs of the Forbes 1000 companies that was featured in Wikipedia.
  8. Became the first undergraduate full-time employee and tech consultant of one the largest language school in Belarus.

August 2014 ‒ Present


After working in a fast-paced startup environment and learning a lot, it was time to move on and create my own marketing company.

Two years later, with 10+ clients 1upStrategy is doing great. We help early stage startups reach their first $10K in MRR, and build scalable acquisition channels for growth stage companies.


Running business is a lot. A lot of fun if you enjoy what you are doing:

  • Building marketing strategy for customers
  • Launching campaigns in various markets
  • Shaping brand identities
  • Creating content that converts
  • Running and managing AdWords, Facebook Ads and Reddit Ads
  • Setting up Lifecycle Email Campaigns
  • Designing Ebooks, Ads and landing pages
  • Setting up Analytics and Dashboards

Chief Marketing Officer
Quote Roller, PandaDoc
August 2012 ‒ July 2014


Working at Quote Roller and PandaDoc has been rewarding, challenging and fun, aspiring and educational. I joined the fledgling company as one of the first hires, when we were only a team of five. After a year and seven months, we have grown to about 30, distributed around the globe a team of entrepreneurs, hackers and hardcore developers.


As with all startups, everyone is doing as much as possible. However, my main focus has been marketing and aiding sales. Here is what my team and I have accomplished:

  • Manage and train marketing team of 4
  • Content Strategy
  • Webinars
  • Website Redesign and A/B Testing
  • Data Analysis and Strategy
  • Business Development + Partners Growth
  • Setting up Sales Funnel
  • Advising Sales Team
  • Referral Program
  • Ads and Display
  • Activation, Retention and Churn Activities
  • Newsletters
  • Sweepstakes and Contests
  • Social Channels
  • Designing Ads, Ebooks, and landing pages
  • Hiring

Key Stats



Leads growth, monthly


Revenue growth, monthly


Leads conversion rate






Bounce rate
Quote Roller Blog




Average per day


Most converting channel

Marketing and Sales Director
August 2010 – May 2012


As Heyworks has been a young starting software development company, the first task was to define a unique approach and business domain to compete on the overcrowded Belarusian software service providers niche. Unity 3D technology was selected, as in 2010 very few companies were interested in the fresh technology and gaming domain.

Marketing Responsibilities

  • Online strategy definition and execution
  • Promotion campaigns development
  • Constant market analysis and research
  • Custom metrics definition and strategy correlation
  • SM channels communication
  • Blogging, guest-blogging, market leaders interviewing
  • Marketing materials creation and copywriting, e.g. cases, NDAs, agreements, brochures, etc
  • SEO strategy
  • Website development and optimization for defined goals
  • Email marketing
  • Custom marketing analytics creation

Sales and business development responsibilities

  • Full sales cycle support from a lead to a completed project
  • Work with contracts, NDAs, and insurance
  • Trips to conferences, meeting new partners and clients
  • Warm-calling
  • Goals and metrics definition
  • Highrise integration and tweaking to our own sales processes
  • Custom sales analytics tools development
  • Employees education and curation

In-house communications

  • Yammer deployment and support;
  • Blogging initiative among employees curation;
  • Growth planning and jobs posts;

Key Stats

Sales and Marketing


New leads


Completed projects


Leads to deals conversion rate


Project winning rate


Returning customers

+20 employees

in 1.5 years. 500% boost!
Community Manager, Social Media Manager
March 2010 – May 2011


Work with Itteco has been a real challenge! There were 6 of us in the team, distributed around the globe: 2 continents, 5 countries, 4 time-zones.

We were working on creating a perfect collaboration app for distributed teams. We knew all the pain and difficulties truly global teams go through and started working from scratch, creating a dedicated app that would enable distributed teams to work closer and forget about miles between the members.

Team.FM (formerly Tadagraph) is the social collaboration channel and co-working hub. is built around micro-messaging with its own embedded markup language, is really real-time, open-sourced and customizable with various apps from the dedicated marketplace. is the project that introduced me to AARRR (aka Startup Metrics for Pirates), which is a great way to actually measure marketing and SM efforts and it works perfectly for every other type of companies or products.


As with all startups, everyone is doing as much as possible. However, my main focus has been marketing and aiding sales. Here is what my team and I have accomplished:

  • Market and competitors analysis;
  • Blogging and guest-blogging, encouraging our co-workers to contribute;
  • Close collaboration with developers on features and product development strategy;
  • Participation in website development;
  • Defining and carrying out social media campaigns;
  • Tracking SM metrics, ROI;
  • Basic SEO;
  • Email subscriptions;
  • Copywriting;
  • Creating marketing and tutorial videos and voicing-over (
  • Creating help system;

And many more 🙂 As the team was small, everybody was involved into every aspect of the product development. I even learned how to use SVN, what a pivot is and what a pain cross-browser support can be.

Sales Manager
iTransition Software Development Company
September 2007 – February 2010


Working with Itransition has helped to shape my professional objectives and spheres of interest.

Constantly working in a large organization requires extensive communication skills, both with inner departments and clients. It’s been an immense experience to combine sales activities with social media ones and see each other interconnect.


Sales activities included all stages – from lead generation to agreement negotiations:

  • Communication with clients;
  • Leads generation;
  • Cold-calling;
  • Contracts revision;
  • Active sales;
  • Teaching new personnel;
  • Partnership network development;


Social media has always amazed me by its innovations and possible reach to a broad audience. In 2008, I started working closely in this sphere, establishing monitoring platform for Itransition and getting involved into social media sphere. The more I worked here, there more it grew on me. In 2009 we started a SM project CIOHappyHour  a place for successful developers and projects to share their ideas, success stories and readers to ask burning questions.

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