My name is Sasha Kovaliov
I am a digital marketer, who believes that marketing is a creative science. It's like baking. A little bit.
I live in the city of Los Angeles.
I help companies build scalable acquisition channels, improve activation and grow their MRR.
Things I do best

Marketing Strategy

Creating a solid marketing strategy with precise goals is half of the solution. Execution is the other half.

Content Marketing

Content is the king. Great content is the ace. Let's tell your customer the best story and see them come back again and again.

Analytics Crunching

Great marketer trusts intuition, but relies on numbers. Setting up the tools and following key metrics is the key.

A/B Testing

What can be better than increasing the conversion rate by 125%? Increasing it by 380%!

Creative Campaigns

Think your company and brand are boring? Forget about it. Drink some creative juice and be more likable.

Email Marketing

How many emails have you read today? That's right! Still #1 channel to reach your customers. Let's make sure you don't pay for Mailchimp in vain.
Looking for Growth Hacking?
What people are saying
  • Sasha does not know all the answers to "how-to" questions in online media, though nobody knows. He does not have to, since he knows who and how to ask. That's his most valuable skill - oustanding communication converted in particluar results. Sasha is a real innovator who is able to catch the newest trends and the opportunities appearing online and monetize them with real business models. That would be impossible without his project management skills and perfectionistic approach to implemention. He knows what web opinion leaders want, he is one those most demanding ones. Don't miss the opportunity to get him on board before he gets in touch with your competitors.

    Ludmila Kurbatskaya
    Country Marketing Manager RMC PSG at HP
  • Sasha has this thirst to knowledge and latest news which makes him a great social guy. He is always up to date events of IT world, has clear vision of tendencies and demonstrates perfect forecasting skills. I’m really glad we’ve got a chance to have him in our team while initial marketing campaigns. Sasha is a boundless source of smart professional tricks and tips, Community Manager with vast experience. His ideas generator works 24/7 and you need to be sure that you have enough stamina to cope with bringing his plans to life. Starting a new campaign or promoting your team in media and communities make sure you’ve got Sasha on board.

    Andrei Klimovich
    Project Manager at Heyworks
  • Sasha helped us work out a relationship with a great company. He is a great communicator, always straightforward and honest. We negotiated a contract, set up the project, and have been having excellent results. I highly recommend him and hope to work again with him in the future.

    Gavin Brown
    Digital Product Director at Scholastic
  • Sasha is a true growth hacker! I had never really seen one in action until working with him. He could do everything i could....and then 10x more on the technical side. The growth he provided to Quote Roller was astronomical and the numbers speak for themselves (just ask him for them). Not only is he amazing at marketing and scaling online business .... he is a wild man and makes for a lively office. He made me laugh everyday and kept me excited to come into work and take coffee breaks. He is bigger than life and you will never forget anything about him. I would hire him any day and work with him on any project.

    Dustin Yoder
    Head of Product Design & Development
  • Sasha is one of the best, most proficient bosses and leaders I've ever had. What does that mean? He's a master of all marketing, design and digital. Sasha is willing to teach you patiently anything you need to help expand your experience, while fully giving you autonomy and creative reign to try new things. And then he knows just how to measure all the results. He is the essential creative of this startup and would be essential to any business looking to grow rapidly through online presence and developing relationships.

    Jennifer Riggins
    Marketing Director at GetApp.com
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