September 3, 2021

How deep desire and aversion lie.

Experiencing joy -- "I like it", remembering instructions -- "good", doing too much -- "bad". Underlying reality exists, mind disturbs it. The pond is flat and calm, the mind is like wind, disturbing it, creating out of it something completely different.

Thoughts are happening, no entity behind them. Sand is just sand. We create bricks out of it and build. We have transformed the sand and can't even recognize it.

Do not build. Do not create bricks.

Actions <--> Thoughts.

It's an ever feeding machine, running on its own. Awarness can observe the machine, figure out how it works.

Everything changes, because everything is emptiness.

How imprecise the language is. In this sentence is insight. But who can see the true meaning? You can only recognize it once you have seen and experienced it yourself.

Since everything is emptiness, what/how is shamatha, metta, insight? Are these just steps to seeing it?