October 31, 2021

This tender feeling of joy and loving-kindness – is it universal? Can every human-being experience it? How can I show them that it is here, in their hearts?

Why say "please" when you are talking to Alexa? It doesn't matter that there is no sentient being with feeling on the other side. You are doing it because your heart is kind.

It becomes more clear what "there is no giver or receiver" means. Kindness does not have to be directed at someone or something. Kindness is indeed like a warm summer rain – it does not discriminate, it just pours out of your heart, it sustains everything it touches.

When I'm being kind to you, I'm being kind to myself, I'm generating kindness in the world for everyone. And if an opportunity arises to practice kindness when there seems to be no one who can see it – we rejoice in our hearts for they are pure. We experience gratitude for our causes, our mindfulness of it and joy it brings πŸ˜„