November 14, 2021

How everything is simple and beautiful in its simplicity. How easy this simplicity feels.

I'm grateful for my attainments and the causes that made it possible for me to come to a place of rest, equanimity, cheerful joy πŸ˜„

Meditation is all about balance. But not creating it forcefully, no, it's about allowing the inner balance of body, mind and heart to arise. We cannot rest if we are doing something, be it thinking, aching or talking.

That's why the body aspect is so important in meditation – we are embodied, our body is a vessel that needs to be whole, relaxed and rested, yet fully awake and present, like a glass vase.

Focus in meditation on feeling rather than phenomena.

Once the mind is calm and stable, focus on the aspect of clarity and inspiration, and see what happens. Be vigilant to habitual patterns – break them immediately upon noticing, do not allow them to arise again and again.