November 20, 2021

Trying to find the right words for the experience and it's just slipping away. It's calm and joyful, but also bright and energetic, there is deep clarity in heart-mind.

As if you can touch it, but with your mind. But aren't we touching physical objects with our minds as well?

There is a different kind of touch in deep meditation - maybe because your whole being is one? All outside sensations seize to exist or rather they are not disturbing anymore: the leg is not aching, yet it still does if you pay attention to it; the hum of the cars is not audible anymore, yet it's still there.

And it's impossible to pinpoint where and how you are touching this true nature of self - it's definitely not with your brain or head πŸ˜„, nor is it with your body senses. Do I need to investigate more? Why does the intellect seek investigation or explanation? Is it even something the intellect can penetrate? If not, why bother? If yes, to what end?

Great analogy to why relaxed and stable body posture is important in meditation. Driving a car with some parts constantly breaking, so you have to stop, fix it and then continue. That's not very efficient, isn't it.