November 25, 2021

Yes, samsara is real, and indeed dukkha is real. Having realized that, having seen the trap and how much it hurts – why not get out? What is this "getting out"? To where and how exactly?

Dukkha seems to be created by the intellect, though the intellect cannot see, feel or fully grasp its own creation. The heart-mind can – it's a flowing ever-changing sensation of discomforting aversion localized on my own stream of being. It's not out there, it doesn't come from outside – it is being created by every one of us.

So if it is the mind who produces the poison, surely it can stop? But it doesn't. Time and time again the mind chooses suffering.

Learning to see things for what they are – empty of their inherent nature is an antidote to the poison of suffering. Learning to see the poison as an antidote is the end of poisoning.

The suffering is liberation. Can I be grateful for suffering? Can the fullness of my life become my teacher?

Joy is arising at the moment 😄