November 27, 2021

You can be happy and not even know about it. This brings sadness to my heart.

Knowing what's happening makes the mind feel at ease. But really seeing the true nature of things stops worrying once and for all.

It's like when you hear a strange sound at your house - the mind will jump through hoops over and over, and eventually will send the body to investigate. Once you figured out the source of the sounds the uneasiness is gone.

Why is it so important to know? Is it the atavism of our evolution developed for protection? It's very different from pure childlike curiosity, it's heavy with neuroticism.

Clear seeing brings calmness and peace. Are the related? Investigate.

Painful sensations in the back are back. Noticed how the mind creates pain out of a sensation over and over, again and again, every moment. Being kind to myself.

All physical sensations have the same nature, yet not all of them agitate the mind. Observe and learn how the mind weaves its patterns. Can I succeed in overcoming it?

Noticed how serious I got writing this and that made me smile ๐Ÿ˜„