November 30, 2021

Unknowingly we choose dukkha.

Knowingly we choose dukkha.

This realization brings tears and sadness.

This is samsara: pre-conditioned to see choice, pre-conditioned to choose more suffering.

How strong one's resolve must be to escape something you are constantly returning to?

You set off on a trip to a mountain top, only to find yourself wandering back in the forest again, and again, and again...

Who is better of: those who know they are in the forest or those completely oblivious to it?

There is no separation between mind and body - I can feel sadness and depression in the body and the mind.

Compassion, metta, equanimity and joy are the only real cures. They works so well together, but sometimes only equanimity is available, and it's already easier to be with dukkha.

Rejoicing in how much work has been done and how much more needs to be accomplished.