December 8, 2021

Mindfulness is like a sun -- it brings light and vibrancy into all our experiences! How dull things are without mindfulness.

Is mindfulness what makes us truly alive? How are we different from an android, when we are just following our patterns and desires?

Mindfulness (consciousness) and being alive are indeed not that different.

It is fun seeing the causes that bring disturbances to the mind. It seems actions/words/thoughts that were taken mindlessly in the past separate us from our true nature. So is it true then, that mindless actions multiply our mindless state of being?

No. Any mindless action can become a cause for mindfulness to arise, either in the moment or later as its cause. However, mindfulness diminishes automatic behavior! Does this mean that mindfulness is a true state of being?

Beware of what you are asking for. Focus on gentle, soft, kind thoughts, words and actions. And not because it's "right" and "good", no, this is systemic bs that plagues world religions. Focus on kindness because it is freeing, because it is happy, calming.

May all people in the world learn to love each other 😄